Wacom – Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition (medium)

With the evolution of technology, digital art is becoming more and more common. In one of the previous posts, the posters of Breaking Bad by Zsolt Molnar, a big piece of evidence for that new trend was shown. I think any digital artist would agree that a tablet would ease a lot the process of creating, painting and drawing. In that field, Wacom is one of the best brands, delivering well designed and quality products.

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Breaking Bad – The Brilliant Posters by Zsolt Molnar

(Note: I do not own any of the pictures used in this post. All the copyrights belong to Zsolt Molnar and the images can be found here)

Breaking Bad. For me, one of the best TV shows ever created, for others, it didn’t say too much to them. I believe that the 31-year-old Hungarian artist,¬†Zsolt Molnar, aka¬†Zsutti, stands with me in this one. Zsutti created one image for every single episode of the series, making a total of 62 absolutely outstanding posters.

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