Sonnenleder “Spree” – The best leather wallet I’ve ever had


You might be thinking “What’s the big deal? It’s just a wallet, it carries cards, coins and notes…”. Well, let me tell you: you’re not wrong. Seriously, you’re right, it’s just a wallet. But this particular one, by the German company called Sonnenleder, is one of the finest leather wallets I have ever come across.

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Spitfire Round Glasses

Summer time (well, at least here, where I am). Probably the season in which people are the happiest and in their best mood. The trips to the beach to chill and hang out with friends become a routine. For people that, like me, always carry a pair of sunglasses around, one of the biggest fears is to break or forget an expensive pair of sunglasses¬†somewhere in the middle of all the craziness associated with the summer. However, a cheap pair bought in the streets isn’t a good idea either¬†because it isn’t protecting your eyes at all. Truth be told they might even be harming your eyes. Which is the solution then?¬†Spitfire!

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