M3 Data Recovery

One of my biggest nightmares of all time would be losing all the information I had stored in my WD Elements 1 TB hard drive, because not only it contained a big chunk of my work, but also photographs that were part of my precious memories.

Well… That just happened about a month ago. It all started with a connection problem to my MacBook Air, in which it would eject itself with no warning and then the usual window saying that I did not eject the disk properly popped up. I didn’t really worry too much at the beginning because nothing has ever happened to me before and there was always this joke going around saying that “life is too short to eject the disk safely” (but don’t get me wrong, I always clicked on those things before removing the USB! It just happened that the USB cable was a bit flimsy after all the years of usage and didn’t connect properly to the computer).

About a month ago, after I connected my hard drive, it lighted up and everything, but my computer simply couldn’t read it. About 30 seconds later, this window would pop up:


Clicking “Initialize…” didn’t really help because it just opened the Disk Utility app, but I couldn’t do anything there. After a bit of research (in which, I literally Googled “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer.”), I came upon this app called M3 Data Recovery. I decided to give it a try because all the so called “professional solutions” would cost a fortune and this one was definitely a cheaper alternative.

Here is the list of steps to recover the data after installing the app.

  1. Connect the hard drive to the computer (even though it cannot read it, just leave it connected).
  2. Open the app and select “In a specific hard drive” and from the list, select the hard drive that is unreadable.

Captura de ecrã 2017-06-13, às 15.32.54

3. Press on Start Scan. The scan takes quite a long time, don’t worry (in my MacBook Air from 2011, 4GB RAM, i5, it took about 10 hours).

4. After the scan is complete, you can select the files on the left side (here in the picture below, they will show up on the empty white space) and click on recover. Select the folder in which you want to save your content and voilá!

Captura de ecrã 2017-06-13, às 15.55.50

At the beginning, I was quite stressed that I’ve lost all my files but now I was so relieved that I actually managed to recover everything, nearly effortless. So, if you ever encounter this problem, you should definitely give this a try! (And maybe store your stuff on two different hard drives… or even 3…)

Hope this helped you in any way!

P.S.: The free version allows you to recover 100 MB, so you should give it a try before you buy!


6 thoughts on “M3 Data Recovery

  1. I had this happen to me before on an entire drive that held all my photos from my Taiwan trip, like literally all 3000 photos and I couldn’t recover any because I didn’t back into iCloud ugh! the absolute worst thing that could of happened :O

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