Spitfire Round Glasses

Summer time (well, at least here, where I am). Probably the season in which people are the happiest and in their best mood. The trips to the beach to chill and hang out with friends become a routine. For people that, like me, always carry a pair of sunglasses around, one of the biggest fears is to break or forget an expensive pair of sunglasses somewhere in the middle of all the craziness associated with the summer. However, a cheap pair bought in the streets isn’t a good idea either because it isn’t protecting your eyes at all. Truth be told they might even be harming your eyes. Which is the solution then? Spitfire!

Spitfire is a London based company that creates some gadgets and audio related products, but it is best known for their stylish and affordable sunglasses. I got this pair in the ASOS website for only £24.00. They come inside of a hardshell case. This case is actually very sturdy, giving some protection to the glasses.

The design of these glasses reminds of a mix between the wayferer round shape and the top bar above the bridge, like the aviators. I believe there is also a black version available.

Both the lenses and the frame are made of plastic. At the beginning the arms were stiff and it was harder to fold them. With time, as any other pair of glasses, they loosen up a little bit too much and it became slightly annoying because the glasses started unfolding when they were hanging on my shirt, causing them to fall.

This problem can easily be solved by tightening the screw on the top of the glasses.

The screw tightens up the 5 barrels in the hinge and the glasses won’t feel flimsy.

The only accessory I feel it is missing is a cleaning cloth, but this is obviously not a deal breaker.

The lenses give a UV protection and are tinted in a dark green.

This is pretty much how you would see the sky without and with these sunglasses.

Anyway, I think this was an awesome purchase. Not only the design is really cool but the sunglasses were also rather inexpensive, so it’s a double win here. You should definitely check their collection, there is a large variety you can choose from.

Well, I hope you enjoy some awesome Summer holidays!


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3 thoughts on “Spitfire Round Glasses

  1. Alas ! – ordinary sunglasses are out of my reach. Whe I was young I could wear contact lenses, and thus any dark glasses I wanted. Now – prescription lenses everywhere. C’est la vie. 🙂
    These do look pretty ace, though, I must agree …

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