Plantronics – Discovery 975 (black)

Plantronics is an American company founded by two pilots in 1961 with the goal of revolutionizing the headset industry with lightweight wireless devices. This company even developed some products for NASA and the world’s of the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong when he landed the moon were transmitted in a Plantronics headset. The Discovery 975 is a very lightweight Bluetooth headset that is useful for receiving calls in a busy environment or as a hands-free solution for when you’re driving.

In terms of comfort, the Discovery nails it. At the very first time I used this headset, I was afraid it was going to fall off because it was so light that I could barely feel its weight on my ears. But how wrong I was! With the silicone earpiece that features a stabilizer loop, the Discovery stayed in place no matter what and after a while I even forgot I was wearing a headset. One thing that you should consider is that the issue some people had with this was that the ear tip got deformed and they had to ask for a replacement.

The solid case provided has a leather finish to it, with a magnetic closing and it has a very soft feel to touch. Not only it does what it should, protects the headset, but is also able to charge the device up to 3 times. When plugged into the case, the display indicates the battery state of the 975s. I find the case very stylish and classy and due to its small size, you can pretty much throw it in any bag you might have. Both the earpiece and the case are also available in a white version.

You can also charge the headset itself, since it has a micro-USB entry (which is also used to secure the headset to the case).

The headset itself has only got two buttons, the call control button in the middle and the volume control button on the side. Most of the tasks are done with this button in the middle, such as turn the headset on and off, answer calls and pairing the device with a phone.

The stripe has two colours, red and white, indicating a variety of functions such as battery information, whether the device is in pairing mode or not, switching on and off and so on.

On the side there is one button that controls the volume. There are only three predefined volumes and you have to cycle through the three of them to get to the point you want. For example, if I’m in the intermediate volume and I want to lower it, I have to push the button twice, once to go to the higher levels and then to the lowest volume. This can be annoying some times.

Now talking about specs, this earpiece has got  quite some technological features in it. The multipoint technology allows the pairing of this device to two phones, so that you can switch quickly from one phone to another without hassle. Furthermore, it has a background noise canceling technology that filters the noise you might have around and a wind protection feature both to allow the other person to hear your voice a lot better.

Overall it is a great headset. I could hear the person in the other end very clearly and other people could hear me without any distortion by the ambient noise. I didn’t experience any significant delays and I find this to be a very stylish and comfortable earpiece.


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