Diesel – DZ4165 watch

One of my favourite brands for casual watches is Diesel. Not only because they are usually big, but I really like the design put into them. This is a watch that I have had for several years already and I’m afraid they might not be available to purchase online anymore, but you may be able to find it in some stores. It is without a doubt an amazing timepiece that goes well with any style.

This analogue watch has a 47 mm rectangular stainless steel case (diameter) and a dark blue / black rubber buckle strap. With usage, the steel frame got some minimal scratches but it isn’t something you can see very easily, only under close examination. As you can see, it has got 2 rather big screws holding the case to the strap, which makes me wonder about the possibility of changing the strap.

It tells the date and has got two additional functionalities. The arm on the 3 o’clock indicates the hours in a 24-hour format (which I clearly didn’t use properly, as it wasn’t 4 A.M. when I took the photograph… Apologies for that!). There is also a chronograph functionality, shown in the other two arms, the seconds on the 6 o’clock direction and the minutes on the 9 o’clock.

The buttons to play with the chronograph, on the right side of the watch, are somehow hard to press, which is good to prevent accidental clicks but is a disadvantage when you actually want to use it. Another thing I found is that it is pretty hard to pull the crown out to adjust the time, if I’m wearing the watch. For a lazy person like myself, this is an inconvenient because it actually requires taking the watch off, adjusting the time and putting it back on… So much effort! Jokes aside, this is obviously not a big deal at all.

The dial is very detailed, with small hexagons in the background and a combination of colours that fuse well together. One of the features I like the most about this watch is the fact it is ‘night-friendly’. The little white rectangles on the hours markers and in the arms of the watch turn green and shine just enough to see what time it is in dark environments. This is really useful because it saves anybody from the need of taking their phone out to check the time. The watch is also water resistant, up to 10 bars, which means it is possible to use it anywhere, even if you want to go swimming with style.

The design of this watch is very clever. It suits most of the casual styles and it is clearly not intended to be worn in formal occasions. The rather neutral colours of this time piece match my taste and it is exactly the type of watch I can (and do) wear almost every day.


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