Longines – The Master Collection

It is not news for anybody that watches made in Switzerland are the most famous watches in the world, for their precision and luxurious looks. Longines, a Swiss brand, is not an exception. It was established in 1832 and since then, it has been 182 years now (unfortunately, I did have to use a calculator to get that). In 182 years, experience is gained, a tradition of well crafted watches is created and nowadays nobody expects less than a superb time piece from this company.

Although I do not own this piece of luxury, I was lucky enough to spend some time with it, and I’ll leave here some of my thoughts, for those of you who want or have the opportunity to get it. Note that I am not an expert on the issue (not even close), I will be giving my opinion as a “regular-watch-user” person.

Personally, I really enjoy most of the things that have a classic look but with a modern twist given to them. And the way this watch does that is simply impressive. I find the combination between the brown alligator strap and the blue steel hands of the watch absolutely stunning. I feel that the white background with large arab numbers, the small date and the other 3 hands in the middle are in a perfect balance, so that it doesn’t feel that the watch is filled with thousands of complex functionalities. The rather minimalistic look was very well kept.

Once again, I believe that the blue hands make the watch so elegantly versatile that it goes well with pretty much everything, from a formal 3-piece suit to a casual t-shirt and jeans.

Small details were not overlooked and it is possible to see that the white stitched alligator strap is brilliant.

The round 44mm diameter stainless steel case is just about right. I enjoy big watches, but I believe that a larger case would break the balance mentioned before and turn it into a casual watch.

It is an automatic watch which means that no batteries are required and by simply moving it, will make it work. This is a very convenient feature, as a lot of money will be saved over time and if you don’t use it for a long period, you don’t have to worry about the battery. Without even touching it, the watch stopped after about 2 days.

There are 3 extra functionalities in this watch, that are a bit different from the most recent ones (I am assuming this is an older version, because I could not find exactly the same model). On the left, the day of the week is represented by a number (I assumed 7 was Sunday, but I think it is up to you). While the hand on the bottom tells you the the time in the 24 hours format (so, whether it is A.M. or P.M.), the hand on the right is a 12 hour chronograph.

I seriously believe this is one of the most luxurious and most beautiful time pieces I have worn. I would even dare to say “will ever have”. (And there’s not much more to state about it, because this post should definitely end with a strawberry jam waffle. It is how it is meant to be.)

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53 thoughts on “Longines – The Master Collection

  1. wow! i love that you live up to your blog name, your blog has a really interesting diversity of themes! (: also, it has a fantastic clean look- great job! you got yourself a new follower. thank you for following my blog (: looking forward to more posts from you.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! It really means a lot to me. As a disaster I am in the kitchen, after seeing all those tutorials you have (specially the pictures… Now I am getting so hungry…), I had to. Keep up the amazing posts! Thank you for following!

      • no problem at all! (: oh i’m glad they look appetizing. if you try any recipe out, remember to show me on instagram! tag me @anoctopusdrinkstea. thank you so much for the encouragement. i sure will give it my best (:

      • If i try one, I think I will be too ashamed of it to show you, but sure, after trying several times and when it is good enough (hopefully!) I will give you a shout!

      • You’re only saying that because you have never seen me in the kitchen. I would drive Gordon Ramsay mad. I mean, “mad” isn’t enough… MAD. Thank you and I wish all the best for you too!

  2. I love watches, especially stainless steel ones. There is something about a person that wears a nice watch. Either there making good use of their time, or wasting it. I choose the positive.

  3. Unlike the previous commenter, I am watch abhorrent. Being tethered to one for my working life, measuring each minute to put in a log about my working day, I abandoned watches as soon as I retired. That said. I love a good old fashioned watch with large numbers and good second measures. I never needed the sun and moon guides, I just needed good hours, minutes and seconds measures. I always wore the face on the inside of my left wrist. The arm movement is easier. Many thanks for a review of this watch. I always wondered what set an expensive watch aside from a Timex. Good description.

    Many thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it.

    • As I said, I am not an expert on the field, and to be honest, I don’t think I have ever used one with a sun and moon guides (I wouldn’t even know what they mean or how they are read). Time can be seen in many different ways, either the wait to finish something not enjoyable, as working, or an excitement because a good thing is close to happening, such as visiting a beloved one we haven’t seen for a long time.
      I can’t say that for own experience, but this watch looks like it was made to last decades: feels really sturdy and the classic/modern look will never go out of style.
      Thank you for your kind words and for having an amazing blog.

  4. Thanks for following my blog. I used to wear watches, but over the years clocks and readouts have become ubiquitous. It’s kinda like being alone on a planet full of people. I see the digital clocks, but unless they’re analog, the world seems timeless.

    I am looking for a 24 hour backward clock for my eventual move into a house of my own design. Had one on the sub I was assigned to in the mid ’80s. A never ending source of confusion to the uninitiated.

    I have several Seiko self-winding watches, some got at discount for discontinuation, a pewter pocket watch (worn with suits), and a gold nugget watch with matching stick pin and nugget pinky ring. Mom got that for me when I was twenty. Makes me wonder if she knew Gotti somehow.

    • I have to agree with you that clocks nowadays are everywhere. Applying to my case, I still remember when my mum always told me not to forget the watch when I had an exam, and nowadays nobody needs one as clocks are everywhere. Even several per exam hall.
      Although they were discontinued, how do you feel about your Seiko watches?
      It might be possible that the one you have is actually Gotti’s! That would be cool.

      • Well, my mom keeps them in a drawer in her kitchen. As for the gold nugget watch, I remember Sammy Davis wearing one. I think that’s where she got the idea I should have one. She keeps that too. I keep the pocket watch. Use it on trips requiring I wear a double breasted suit with vest.

  5. Interesting dialogue your post has produced and this is my favorite kind of blog. I love beautiful and artfully made timepieces. My husband and I discovered when we married that we both had a love of unusual clocks and collectable timepieces. I love seeing an eloquently dressed man or woman with a timeless accessory worn as a way to tell time they value every minute of life on earth. Although my husband and I are both retired (in a sense) we still want some semblances to our days and nights. We believe in choosing an eloquent and timeless watch that will go day and night with our lifestyle. My current watch he gave me as a gift in 1993 and it’s still as beautiful as the day he gave it to me and I still love it just as much and people still admire it (although that’s not a rating factor with me).

    • I am glad to hear that! It is the power of well crafted and classic watches: never go out of style and enchant everybody that has the opportunity to take a look on them. I agree with you, that a well dressed person, with a “timeless” piece of time, goes very easy on the eyes. I believe that people admiring our possessions is definitely not a rating factor, but it definitely goes well now and then. I am sure any compliment you receive makes your husband proud of himself, for such a brilliant choice of a gift.

    • Unfortunately for me, it comes in 3 phases: the “WANT” phase, followed by the “NEED” phase and then the “REALISATION” that I’m not going to have it phase. But I agree, it is a stunning piece. Thank you for the nice words!

  6. Your Longines post brought back an old memory about something my mom once told me about her father, may grandfather. He was a die-hard Brooklyn Dodgers fan and would go frequently to Ebbets Field to watch the games. There was a big Longines sign way out in the outfield. Whenever a certain player, named Lou, would get up to bat, my grandfather would yell, “Over Longines, Lou!” He was hoping to see a long, long home run. I wonder if Lou ever really did hit it over the Longines sign….

    • It would be quite motivational if he actually organized the whole stadium to yell that at him. I am not really familiar with actually how far the Longines sign is from the field, but I am sure that if it was humanly possible, with such a great support from your grandfather, he eventually did it! I hope this was a good memory and if it was, thank you for telling me, it is really rewarding to know!

  7. Your blogpost matches your blogname. So will you be speaking of branded products?
    I believe Longines would be out of reach for most of us. As long as it tells the exact time, I am fine with a simple watch. But of course, the ones who can afford would like to own it.

    • I will be posting about products I find interesting or that I think it will help people making a decision on whether get it or not. I completely agree that this one is out of reach for most of us, but I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time with it and thought it would be somewhat useful for those that have the possibility to have it. Thank you for stopping by!

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