WeSC RZA Street Chambers

‘We Are the Superlative Conspiracy’, better known as WeSC, paired up with the music producer, rapper, actor and the multi-talented RZA to produce this pair of on ear headphones.

I feel that a lot of effort was put into the boxing of the product, which is something I appreciate because the unboxing experience is the very first contact we have with the headphones. And first impressions do count. Without wanting to spoil too much, there is that new plastic smell when you open the box.

What you get:

  • the headphones;
  • 1 black wire with an in-line remote control
  • 1 red blank wire (or blue, if you get the blue versions)
  • airline adapter;
  • zip carrying pouch;
  • manual.


The one I have is the black/red coloured pair, but there 3 other options available: black/blue, white/red and white/blue.

Personally, I prefer headphones that are not too eye-catching, so I chose the black pair. However, I admit that the red colour on the headband and next to the ear cushions adds some style to them and so, they can definitely be used as a fashion accessory.

As you can see, the ear cups have a closed back design, with an aluminum ring around them and the signature of the artist.

The head band is also adjustable (not a continuous one, but with clicks) and has the brand’s logo on the side.

The headphones are made of plastic, with a matte finish. Overall it is not a fingerprint magnet, you can barely see them normally. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll slightly see the fingerprints. Of course, this is not a deal breaker.

Personally, I prefer headphones made of leather and/or aluminum. However I cannot say that these look cheap or that they aren’t sleek.


This pair of headphones can fold up, but cannot fold flat. Although this makes them more compact, easier to store and to carry them around, some people would prefer that they folded flat, so that they would have a “thinner” set to put in their bags. The hinge system, however, is a bit flimsy and after a couple of weeks the headphones started to fold really easily, which can be annoying sometimes.

After folding them up, the carrying pouch given provides almost none or very little protection to the headphones, so I would be a lot happier if it was an actual soft or hard case, for example.

The 3,5 mm plug cable with an in-line remote control and a microphone allows you to play/pause, switch music or take calls by pressing the middle button and also control the volume of your iOS device. A red standard cable is also provided, for those that don’t need or don’t want the remote control. The jack that connects to the headphones is also 3,5 mm and this means that it will be way easier to find a cable in case the provided ones break or have some kind of problem.

One of the best features of these cans is that you can plug in the cable in any or both of the ear cups. If you are right handed, for example, you can plug the cable on the left ear cup, so that the cable doesn’t bother you when you are writing. And the opposite can happen for left handed people.

Furthermore, this feature lets you share your music: simply connect a pair of headphones on the ear cup that is not being used and done, both of you are listening to the same music. That is pretty cool.


This is the part this pair of headphones upset me the most. On my very first use, I could wear them happily for 40 minutes, but after that my ears started boiling and were hurting. Of course, that was my first wear and most of the headphones are not comfortable right out of the box.

These are on-ear headphones and so, they tend to be less comfortable than over-ear ones. Moreover, the facts that the ear cushions are made of plastic and do not feel soft at all, don’t really help to make the headphones a pleasure to wear for long periods of time. I’m afraid I have to say that these are not even comparable to other brands that use leather or fabric on their cushions.

However, as you can see, the cushions started to mold themselves to my ear shape and they are more tolerable now, after some months. I can use them more comfortably(ish) for around 2 hours. Still, it was a very disappointing aspect, for a good pair of headphones.

Sound quality

These are bassy headphones. Heard many people comparing these to the Beats Solo by Dr. Dre and I have to say that these are an amazing and a cheaper alternative to the Beats.

With its closed back design, the Chambers provide a very punchy bass and do a very good job on not leaking sound to disturb people in a quiet elevator or something like that. Overall I would say that they are very detailed and very clear, I could hear the different melodies from the different instruments used. And this is where the headphones shine: the instrumentals. They have the spotlight when it comes to electronic, hip-hop, dubstep or any other genres that have a very precise beat. One word I would use to describe the instrumentals of these headphones: exciting. However, the overpowered bass weakens the vocals.

Don’t get me wrong, the vocals are clear and they are able to deliver the highs quite well, but the lows are a lot stronger and so, the mid and higher range got weaker and not as exciting by comparison. They have a great soundstage as well since you can easily identify which instruments are in the right, left or center.

They were obviously designed for certain genres of music and so, I wouldn’t say they are an all-rounder pair of headphones.

Final thoughts

The Street Chambers have a good sound quality – with empowered lows and a portable stylish look but they fail in comfort. Their RRP is £149,99 and with that price tag it has giant competitors such as the Bowers and Wilkins P3 (£169,99, which is £20 more), or the new Harman Kardon SOHO (£179,99, £30 more). The prices in Amazon UK differ slightly from the described, and you can find the black/red version for £125.85 or the white/red colours for a cheaper £76.90, which, in my opinion, is a fairer price.

Depending on which genre of music you enjoy the most and whether comfort plays an import role for you or not, I think you should definitely consider this pair of headphones as a serious alternative for the expensive Beats by Dr. Dre if you enjoy bass heavy headphones.

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10 thoughts on “WeSC RZA Street Chambers

  1. I’m so glad that companies are finally coming out with the headphones like the ones I used to use in the 70s! So comfortable. I have always hated the earbugs and found them quite annoying to wear. Thanks for the review on this product. I’ll have to see if it’s available in the US … and if it’s affordable.

    • Indeed, the headphones market is expanding nowadays and a lot more attention is put into them! I wouldn’t say this pair is the most comfortable one, but if you’re not going to use them for long periods of time, it is definitely worth checking out!

  2. I have small earholes and find the earbuds very uncomfortable. For this reason I have a pair of Beats Solo. I love them. Earbuds are over rated lol

    • Earbuds can be very convenient because they are extremely portable and whenever you don’t use them you can just put them in your pocket. It really depends on the occasions, because sometimes you have to go to places where you don’t want the headphones to hang around your neck and you don’t have space to carry them in your bag, in those cases earbuds would be useful. But I would say that over-ear models are the best for comfort. How do you feel about your Beats Solo?

      • Earbuds hurt my ears. I have never found a pair that were the right size, even with the different sized little squishy things, that didn’t hurt my ears. I’m not knocking earbuds, my son uses them, I just can’t use them. I really like my Beats. They aren’t noise canceling, but I can’t hear anyone yapping at me when I am using them LOL. I like that. They are comfy and don’t make my ears all sweaty. My husband has the Beats Studio, I love his. My ears sit inside of the headphones instead of like the Solos where the headphones sit on top of my ears. I don’t like that you have to change the batteries in them, you won’t get nearly enough wear with one set of batteries to explain away the price tag. But they are comfy and my Solo’s are good at keeping outside noise out, but the Studio are better. The sound quality is excellent as well.

      • To be honest, I am not a big fan of Beats. One of the reasons is that I feel that for the price I would be paying for them, which are headphones made out of plastic, I would be able to purchase some other sets that felt a lot more sturdy and better crafted. Also, I prefer myself a more balanced pair of headphones, not a pumping bass one, but then again, this is all about preferences. That is the reason I tried this one instead, because, although being similar to the Beats (definitely not as comfortable), the price tag is smaller and I’d say fairer. But please, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying not to get Beats or hating on them. I believe everybody should get whatever they please and it is up to each one of us. And I am very glad that you are enjoying your two pairs!

      • Beats are mad expensive, and ridiculous, trust me when I say I agree. However, I like to feel the bass in my music. Even in my car I have the stereo set to high bass. That is my preference. They are made of plastic, and for the price point that does suck. But I am not rough on my electronics, so I will get many years of wear out of them. At least that is the plan.

      • I believe you made a great decision! Hopefully it will indeed last for many years. One silly thing I like to do, to make myself feel better about expensive things is divide the price by the times I am planning to use them. For example, if they cost $300, and you use it every day for a year, it will be less than a dollar per day. Totally worth the price, right?! (It is basically cheating on myself… lol)

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